Challenge Grant Met


You made it happen!  As of January 31, 2017 the total raised is $251,176 towards the campaign. This brings our campaign total to $1,947,128.21 and we couldn’t be more thankful for you support.  All of the donors who issued this challenge were committed to helping raise these gifts and for their commitment and yours we are very grateful.

There is still more to raise to complete the campaign but a milestone was reached.  In just over two months the community pulled together to ensure literacy for adults continues to be a priority.  We can’t wait to continue growing the capacity and help more adults.

Thank you!

Construction Taking Shape

1 in 7 or 55,000 adults in Dane County have low literacy, but we’re committed to bringing that number down. Executive Director, Jeff Burkhart, explained that “this campaign is about dignity, it’s about giving people respect and helping them to see themselves differently. When people are in [the new] building, they’re going to see themselves differently.” Read more about our move here.

Check out how our new space is taking shape. Just image our learners in this brand new, bright, spacious learning environment! Think it will make a difference? We know it will!

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2016-06-08 09.45.33

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