Total campaign budget: $3,000,000

Acquisition and remodel: $1,111,600

Costs include purchase of the building, renovations, signage, landscaping, computer lab initiation costs and furnishings.

Endowment: $600,000

The endowment fund will pay out approximately $28,000 each year in perpetuity to support the operations of the agency.

Campaign: $362,284

Campaign costs include staffing, development of marketing for campaign, printing and campaign events.

Program: $606,230

The budget includes support for key program areas over a ten year period. These include tutor support, students support services, staff development and operational costs such as utilities and janitorial services for the expanded space.

Technology: $319,886

Technology is a major part of our skills development strategy. We will purchase and fund upgrades to our computer lab over a ten year period. Costs include computer equipment, hardware and software maintenance, software upgrades, high-speed internet connectivity, copier purchase and maintenance and audio/visual equipment.

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